Flat White

You'd think that flat white latex paint would be the easiest thing in the world to acquire. You'd be wrong. I'm painting the sink counter and the stove island during our kitchen remodel, as well as some new shelves and brackets. I've started the brackets and shelves with a first coat of black chalk paint. … Continue reading Flat White


Say what?

After over a dozen appointments with Medical Professionals over the past two months,  I feel qualified to say that preparing for breast cancer surgery is, at best, confusing and exhausting. At worst it is an absolute nightmare for Type A personalities and people suffering from anxiety disorders. Did I mention I've recently started taking Prozac? I … Continue reading Say what?

Bye Bye Boobie

And so the adventure begins. We will be kissing one of The Girls goodbye. Wait, maybe I should rephrase that. Chuck can kiss her goodbye, everyone else can just wave. I met with my breast surgeon yesterday. Chuck came with me; he didn't go the first time but, frankly, as my husband, I figure he … Continue reading Bye Bye Boobie