Homemade chalk paint

I've tried a popular brand of chalk paint; paid a pretty penny for it, too. I didn't care for the texture and I found it a little too thick. The first time I made homemade chalk paint, I Googled and Pinterest-ed and found a recipe I liked using unsanded mortar mix. LOVED IT! Too bad … Continue reading Homemade chalk paint

The five most dangerous words

It all started early this year when the kitchen faucet started leaking. The faucet was nothing special; in fact, I never liked it. So I bought an inexpensive but adorable one to replace it until we redid the kitchen. Then I got to thinking. For those of you who don't know me, those words are … Continue reading The five most dangerous words

Say what?

After over a dozen appointments with Medical Professionals over the past two months,  I feel qualified to say that preparing for breast cancer surgery is, at best, confusing and exhausting. At worst it is an absolute nightmare for Type A personalities and people suffering from anxiety disorders. Did I mention I've recently started taking Prozac? I … Continue reading Say what?

Bye Bye Boobie

And so the adventure begins. We will be kissing one of The Girls goodbye. Wait, maybe I should rephrase that. Chuck can kiss her goodbye, everyone else can just wave. I met with my breast surgeon yesterday. Chuck came with me; he didn't go the first time but, frankly, as my husband, I figure he … Continue reading Bye Bye Boobie

All I want is to-do but there is a lot of doo-doo to be done first

Yesterday I found out my Invasive Lobular Carcinoma is a mere stage one--yay me! It's a  "well-mannered" cancer, according to my oncologist (who is thankfully not quite young enough to be my grandson, but almost). I almost feel guilty about having such a polite and unassuming cancer--it's slow-growing by nature, and my numbers are somewhere … Continue reading All I want is to-do but there is a lot of doo-doo to be done first